South Florida is the lightning capital of the country, and it’s no wonder that people living here wonder whether they will need air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach if they use their A/C during a tropical storm. With humidity and rising heat, there is an increased need for frequent air conditioning. However, is it safe to use the A/C even during one of Florida’s tropical storms?

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You will be happy to hear that you will be fine using your A/C regularly during stormy weather. However, all of that can change if your air conditioning unit floods. If water congregates around your outdoor A/C unit, then it may end up causing severe damage. If a flood warning goes into effect for your surrounding area, then immediately turn off your air conditioning until you are certain that your AC unit is safe and not in danger of flooding.

At Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service, we do recommend using an air conditioning surge protector. It protects your home from lightning strikes by preventing electrical spikes from damaging valuable electronics like your TV, computer and your heating and cooling system. A lightning strike near a power line can be a recipe for disaster! Protecting your home and property is crucial.

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