When you live in Florida, there are many reasons why your air conditioning could go out. Because the constant warm weather, your AC unit is always running and may be one of the most used appliances in your home without you even noticing. With so much use, it is important to keep up on the maintenance of your air conditioning unit. If not you will be faced with needing an AC repair in Deerfield Beach. If gone without maintenance, there are a few reasons why you may need a repair. Consider the following:

  • Your drain line might develop a clog causing improper drainage of condensation. When the water build up has gotten to a certain point, your air conditioner may turn off or it may overflow causing damage to the undercarriage of your air conditioning unit. At Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Repair, we can remove the clog in your drain line and remove water from your drain pan to solve the issue.
  • If you have not kept up with your refrigerant levels, your air conditioning unit might malfunction. One of the most common signs of off refrigerant levels includes the blowing of warm air instead of cool air. If this isn’t caught early enough, your unit will stop working all together. When there isn’t enough refrigerant, your air conditioning unit will freeze up in a fatal way.
  • Many new homeowners aren’t aware that their filter should be changed every couple of months. When the filter is not changed, the buildup of dirt and foreign particles can prevent the duct from filtering everything correctly. Air conditioning units must have their filters changed or your unit can break down completely.

If you are interested in keeping your air conditioning unit running efficiently, it is important to maintain it properly and get repairs whenever you realize something isn’t working properly. Call us at (954) 426-9300 to learn more information regarding AC repair in Deerfield Beach.