When it comes time to install air conditioning in your home or business, you’ll want to be sure that the job gets done correctly. There are many air-conditioning companies who claim that they’re the best of the best, yet lack considerate pricing, friendly service, and accurate installation. In South Florida, it’s absolutely essential that you have an air conditioning unit that works and runs efficiently. If you’ve been stuck in Florida without it, then you know how smothering this can be.

At Florida’s Heat Pump and AC Service, we offer service like you’ve never experienced before. It’s important that professionals install and repair your AC needs, as this is one of the hardest working machines in your entire home, especially in such a warm climate. At Florida’s Heat Pump and AC Service, we can check on your home to make sure that your AC is running correctly. Though it may seem like it’s functioning perfectly, sometimes there are simple adjustments that make a big difference.

AC Repair You Can Trust!

Many other companies can’t offer timeliness and attention nearly as well as we can. This is because we offer an entire fleet of vehicles that have been stocked and prepped to head out on the road to our faithful customers, whenever there’s an issue. We also offer quality, with brands such as Goodman, Carrier, Bryant, Trane, Ruud, and more. It’s important to know that the installer is a professional, but also that they are using state of the art products. If a machine isn’t built well in the first place, you may run into issues down the road.

Other companies may also only handle residential homes, but at Florida’s Heat Pump and AC Service, we offer repairs and installation in both residential and commercial properties. If something isn’t working, we’ll be happy to swing by and run a few tests to help you get your AC back on track.

At Florida’s Heat Pump and AC Service, we’ve been professionals in our field for a number of years. Our skilled technicians are highly trained, qualified, friendly, and prompt. If you’re sweating in your Florida home or business, the last thing you want to do is wait for someone to show up, hours and hours on end. If you’re in need of a repair or installation for your air conditioning in Pompano Beach, Florida’s Heat Pump and AC Service is here to help.