Right now, we are in the middle of Florida’s winter season. Temperatures have barely reached 75 degrees in the past few days. Our lives have come to a complete stop. Thank goodness this bitter cold lasts for only a few days, then before you know it, it will be air conditioning season once again. So now is the best time to make sure your air conditioning unit or central air conditioning system is in working order. Don’t wait until the temperature shoots up to the 90s before you realize you’re A/C unit isn’t as efficient as you thought it was. Give Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service a call today and let us start on your air conditioning maintenance. We have great reputation for delivering excellent service within Coconut Creek and surrounding communities.

If you are preparing for the hot, humid summer – spring, fall and sometimes winter – months, call Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service today so we can take care of your air conditioning maintenance in Coconut Creek. Our professional technicians can handle any air conditioning maintenance on any unit. Don’t get stuck in the sweltering Florida heat because you’re A/C unit gave out on you, make the call today. We will be more than happy to come out and make any repairs as needed.

An ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure. Prevent the misery of the heat by getting your A/C unit in check. Call Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service at (954) 426-9300 today!