Few places in the world will punish you for a faulty air conditioning unit quite like Florida. Those who live in and around Coconut Creek are well aware of the intensity of the summer sun and the critical importance of a functioning AC unit. When a unit fails, however, how exactly does the repair process fix it up and get a home to a comfortable temperature? If you contact Florida’s Heat Pump and A/C Service by filling out the contact form on their helpful Coconut Creek air conditioning website, professionals will inspect your unit and proceed in one of several different ways.

Within the Machine

As with cars and computers, most people don’t know exactly how their air conditioning units work to produce cool air. The basic function comes down to two coils: the condenser and the evaporator. The condenser runs outside the home and releases heat; the evaporator runs inside the home and lowers its temperature to much colder than the surrounding area. The AC runs air over the evaporator to spread coolness throughout a house while the condenser takes excess heat and sheds it outdoors. Most issues with an AC unit in Coconut Creek come down to one of these two coils malfunctioning. For air conditioning repair in Coconut Creek, you’ll want a specialist who knows how to inspect these coils for harm and can evaluate the entire unit.

Leaks and Clogs

The refrigerant that causes the evaporator to cool to subzero temperatures has the potential to leak out and cause the unit to malfunction. Any air conditioning unit can run low on the refrigerant chemicals simply by using up its supply, but the majority that run low do so because of errors in the installation or because of leaks that drain it of its cooling power. For air conditioning maintenance in Coconut Creek, consult a technician who knows how to detect leaks within the chemical reservoir as well as how to charge the unit so that it contains the proper quantity of refrigerant.


When your home AC isn’t generating enough cool air, you need the best duct cleaning Coconut Creek has to offer in order to get the unit running. Duct cleaning may require little more than changing out the filter on the unit but may necessitate taking out pipes so that they can be cleared of debris. Technicians can help give advice about how to minimize the risk of clogs, usually by removing any possible hazards from the duct areas.