Summer is on its way. With more time to spend outside, you might be cramming in as many adventures as possible. But your AC could still breakdown and disturb your comfort. That’s why it’s important to have your AC ready for the upcoming summer. Here are some things you should keep in check during this busy time.


1. Check Your Air Duct’s Seals

Since it’s summer, the temperature is rising. Your cooling system is turned on 24/7 to keep you and your family comfortable. Over time, the constant use of your AC can cause the seals to deteriorate. They could leak refrigerant into your home if they’re damaged and need repair. This could lead to high energy costs and a breakdown of your cooling system. Ensure you get regular air conditioner maintenance in Boca Raton if you want to keep your system functioning optimally.


2. Test Your Thermostat

When the weather’s hot, it’s tempting to crank up your AC. But if you constantly change its temperature settings, you will wear down your thermostat. Test it before summer kicks into full gear to keep it in good working order. It should be set below 78 degrees and have a temperature variance of at least five degrees. Also, ensure it’s set to “cool” and not “auto.” If it’s on the latter setting, your AC goes through a constant cycle of running and shutting down. The key to an energy-efficient cooling system is consistently maintaining the air conditioning.


3. Duct Cleaning

Once you’ve tested your AC, it’s time to focus on another important aspect of your cooling system: duct maintenance. Unlike filters and fans, you can’t clean ducts yearly. So to keep them working all summer correctly, regularly schedule their cleaning. Duct cleaning in South Florida will help prevent any major AC breakdowns and maintain your HVAC system’s efficiency.


4. Replacing Air Filters

Air filters are another important part of your cooling process. They can be removed, cleaned, and replaced without affecting the efficiency of your AC. While this step doesn’t need to be done as frequently as duct cleaning, it’s important to ensure each filter is replaced on time.

Keeping an eye on your AC repair in South Florida is a great idea to stay comfortable during summer.


5. Get Professional AC Maintenance

If you’re unsure about whether your AC is ready for the summer or not, schedule professional air conditioner maintenance in Boca Raton. Your HVAC specialist can look at your cooling system and see if it’s in good shape. They can also perform other tasks, such as replacing parts of your AC unit and ensuring it’s fully functional. A summer checkup with a professional HVAC technician is the best way to ensure that you have an efficient cooling system for all the warm months ahead.



The key to HVAC systems is to have a system functioning properly all year round. By doing regular duct cleaning in South Florida, you can protect your AC from faltering during the summer months. And once those months are over, having a professional AC repair in South Florida means you can spend more time outside relaxing and less time trying to find ways to cool down your home. Our professionals from Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service will ensure that you have a reliable and efficient HVAC system for the coming year. Contact us today if you want to find out more about our services in South Florida.