Nothing is worse than having your air conditioner stop working completely in the middle of the hot South Florida summer. Being on the lookout for small problems with your heating and cooling system can help you avoid this problem. By catching air conditioning problems and having them repaired before they can progressively get worse, you can save yourself money, time, and hassle down the road. While there are some problems that only a professional will be able to spot, there are a few warning signs that are easily noticed.

  1. Excessive Noise. Air conditioning systems are meant to be as quiet as possible while running. If your heating and cooling system in Coral Springs has begun to run loudly or make strange noises, it is time for you to call an air conditioning technician to perform a system check for you.
  2. Weak Airflow. The age of your air filter will affect the amount of airflow your air conditioner puts out. Changing your air filter regularly will help to ensure maximum airflow. If you have noticed a change in your AC’s airflow, try changing your filter. If this still does not help, there could be a more serious problem with you AC system.
  3. Warm Air. This is the most obvious sign that something is wrong with your air conditioner. If your air conditioner is blowing hot air, or if it is taking longer than usual to blow cool air, your AC could need coolant, or you could be in need of air conditioning repair.

The technicians at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service Inc. specialize in air conditioning repair, air conditioner maintenance, and all things relating to heating and cooling systems. If you suspect that your air conditioner is malfunctioning and you need AC repair or air conditioner maintenance in Coral Springs, call (954) 426-9300 today.