Imagine you’ve been planning a pool party for your friends and family but the day before the big bash, your pool’s heat pump decides to stop working. It’s way too last minute to cancel the party but you also can’t have guests swimming in an ice cold pool with a broken heat pump. When you’re stuck in this situation, there are a few things you can do yourself before calling in an expert in pool heater repair in Coral Springs. An expert pool heater repair company like Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service can help you get your party back on track without costing you a fortune!

The first thing to check when your pool heat pump doesn’t seem to be working is the filtration system. If there is debris clogging the filter then water cannot reach the pump system. This can cause some pumps to shut off, thus why they appear broken. Clear away any debris and make sure water is flowing through the system. Another think to check right away is the power source. Often times something as simple as a tripped circuit breaker can cause a pool heat pump to stop working. People have a tendency to jump right to the worst case scenario before thinking to check the easiest solutions.

If you’re pump has power and the filtration system is clear, but the heat pump still isn’t working, there may be something more serious going on with your system. Some air source heat pumps operate based on air temperature and if the airflow to the thermometer is obstructed, then the pump may not get the signal to turn on and off. It takes a true professional to diagnose and repair a pool heat pump in Coral Springs as most people don’t know the first thing about their system. Rather than grab a wrench and start tinkering, it makes a whole lot more sense to let a heating and cooling system expert take charge of the situation.

When your pool heat pump isn’t working the day of the barbecue, don’t panic, just pick up the phone and call Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service. With a team of highly competent and motivated pool heat pump professionals on hand at all times, Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service can help you fix any problem you may be having so you can get back to enjoying all the wonderful things South Florida has to offer. Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service also offers pool heater installation in Coral Springs should you decide to swap your old pool heat pump out for a new state of the art, energy efficient model. Call today for more information!