Drive a car 10,000 miles without any maintenance, and you’ll begin to see parts of the machine break down. Perhaps the oil causes friction, perhaps the transmission fluid wears against the gears, or perhaps one of the tires gives out. An air conditioning unit is no different. Given enough time without maintenance and repair, it too will come apart due to one factor or another. The most important regular maintenance for your A/C unit is cleaning the air ducts that transfer cool air to your home’s interior and hot air outdoors. Why should you have air conditioning maintenance professionals in Coconut Creek from Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service inspect your air ducts?

Indoor Quality

When air is blowing through dust-laden piping, the dust will get picked up and circulated just like the air. Dirt, grit, pet hair, and all other pollutants and allergens have the potential to lodge within an air duct if the filter has become overloaded or if the unit has gone too long without an air duct cleaning. While an adult may not notice all these pollutants for a very long time, children (and especially infants) are susceptible to respiratory conditions and infections that arise from too much grime or soot in the air. Dirty ductwork can exacerbate asthma or other breathing problems, and Duct Cleaning Coconut Creek technicians can help you to breath easier.

Efficiency — or Lack Thereof

How much cool air do you actually get out of your unit for each gust? If you’re sweltering on a hot day even when the A/C is turned up to its maximum power, you already know the answer — not enough! An inspection and maintenance work by Duct Cleaning Coconut Creek professionals will get your A/C pumping cool air at maximum power by cleaning out the filters that can get clogged up and limit the spread of your air conditioning. What’s more, this cleaning can pay for itself by lowering your utility bills, since a clogged-up duct system requires more power to push cool air through your home, draining more electricity and requiring you to cut a larger check to your utilities company each month.