In South Florida, the City of Coral Springs is expected to have one of the hottest years to date. The last thing you want is your air conditioning breaking down on you. At Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service, we offer a full range of A/C services from air conditioning repair to air duct cleaning, we can make sure your air conditioner is running to the best of its ability! It’s important to keep your air conditioning unit  maintained because it not only ensure that you’ll get the full use out of your A/,  but it also will make you’re A/C more energy efficient; and as a result, save you money! Neglecting much needed maintenance can decrease your air conditioning’s performance. Check out these top 3 fundamental items that the professional technicians at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service can help maintain in order to make sure you’re A/C is working to the best of it capabilities:

1. Air Conditioner Filters 

Routinely replacing the filters in your air conditioner is one of the most important maintenance tasks to guaranteeing the efficiency of your air conditioner. Dirty or clogged filters can prevent the normal flow of air, it’s important to replace your air conditioning filter every 1-2 months. Replacing a clogged filter can help lower your energy consumption from anywhere between 5-15%, which means big savings for you!

2.   Drain Channels 

Drain channels in you’re A/C can often become clogged, which can prevent your air conditioning unit from limiting the amount of humidity that passes through. As a result, this excess moisture can cause discoloration on your walls, flooring, and could make your house more susceptible to mold growth. It’s important to call the professionals at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service to come and clean your unit’s drain channels and ensure you’re A/C is properly maintained.

3. Air Conditioner Coils 

Throughout the year, your air conditioner’s evaporator coil as well as condenser coil gradually collect dirt and dust as you use A/C. While a clean filter can help slow the accumulation of dirt on the coil(s), it will eventually have buildup. This buildup of dirt and other particles can prevent airflow and surrounds the evaporator coil, which then makes it unable to absorb heat. Development of dirt occurs slowly, so call Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C service at least once a year to come check out and clean your air conditioner coils!