Regardless of what air conditioning system you use to cool your home, it’ll need some maintenance and cleaning to keep running efficiently. Our experts who do air conditioner maintenance in Boca Raton can help. Not to mention, the quality of your air could also suffer from a lack of care and maintenance. So, keep your home cool and improve your air quality with these air conditioner maintenance tips. At Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service in Boca Raton, we can help you with all your air conditioning needs.

Air Conditioner Replacement Benefits

If your air conditioner or the entire system is over eight years old, you might want to consider replacing it to save on energy costs. For example, a system purchased in the 1990s and rated with 10 SEER may be replaced with a 14 SEER system to save up to 30% on your yearly cooling costs. When considering air conditioner maintenance in Boca Raton, the latest systems are much more reliable and efficient than systems from the past.

Cleaning and Maintenance of Your Air Conditioner

You’ll find that maintaining your air conditioner is fairly simple. Should you decide not to replace it yet, there are some tasks that can help you prolong its life. If the system is different or uses a heat pump, you should follow your owner’s manual to learn your way around the equipment. We’re here to help you with air conditioner maintenance in Coconut Creek, too.

The Fins

Most air conditioners, especially window units, have metal fins in the back. They’re thin and flimsy, so straightening them out will help the unit perform better. In addition to straightening them, you can clean them up by vacuuming them with a soft bristle brush.

The Outdoor Air Conditioning Unit Pad

Over time, the concrete pads outside may start to sink. If it doesn’t affect the copper water lines or any electrical components, you don’t have to worry. However, if the unit begins to have problems or a puddle of water forms around it, you may need to address the issue with air conditioner maintenance in Coconut Creek.

Your Thermostat

With today’s advanced air conditioning systems, a programmable thermostat is very beneficial. With a programmable thermostat, you can regulate a set temperature and not have to worry about fixing the air conditioner when it reaches a comfortable temperature.

No matter which system you have, you’ll need professional help to maintain your air conditioner to keep it operating at peak efficiency to keep you cool with a reasonable energy bill. These tips can help you to take care of your air conditioning system. When you need repairs or replacement units and parts, Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service in Boca Raton and Coconut Creek is here for you.