With so many expenses in life, you don’t want to spend on something that isn’t necessary. Especially if it’s something that could repair itself with time. Sadly, air conditioners aren’t something that will get better with time. Sometimes the smallest sign is the most important sign. With that in mind, is there water leakage coming from your AC? Our team of professionals at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service are here to share with you some signs you can look for that mean you need AC repair in Boca Raton!

If your AC is leaking water

Have you woken up to a puddle of water outside or near your air conditioner? This is a major sign that you need to call our experts to repair your air conditioner. Chances are high that the water leakage is from the refrigerant and if it is, this could cause some serious health issues. With moisture you can also expect mold to grow and that is yet another health hazard. Water leakage could get worse, give us a call immediately before it worsens.

If your AC is making clicking sounds

Is your AC making clicking sounds? Maybe you thought it wasn’t a big deal, however, it can be. If the clicking persists frequently, it’s time to call us for repair. Clicking sounds can tie hand in hand with your compressor or other electronic controls inside your HVAC system. Letting the clicking sounds continue can cause your whole HVAC system to fail leaving you to spend more than you should on a new HVAC system.

If your AC is making hissing sounds

Have you noticed unusual hissing sounds coming from your AC? If you hear hissing sounds it could be related to the coils and there is a leak in the coils or a leak anywhere else in your system’s pressurized area. It’s time to give us a call to make sure the hissing sounds don’t get worse!

If your thermostat reads a temperature that doesn’t match the actual temperature

There is nothing more frustrating than a hot day in Florida and going home to a hot house. No matter how many times you change your thermostat to make it cooler in your home, it still doesn’t match the actual temperature! Maybe half your home is hot and the other half is cool, either way, you should give us a call to fix your AC!

Don’t wait another day, call us today!

If your AC is giving you any of the signs above, you should give us a call as soon as you can. Things can get worse, they will not get better. You don’t have to do anything but give us a call, we will send an expert to your house and get to the bottom of the problem as quickly as we can!