Commercial air conditioning systems can be incredibly difficult to care for due to their complex systems and truly large size. It can seem overwhelming to take care of your commercial AC in Pompano Beach, but as we all know, few things are worse than working in a building with a broken AC. Performing regular maintenance on your heating and cooling system in Pompano Beach brings major benefits, it helps reduce breakdown time and deters costly repairs. It can be all too easy to forget about your AC system when it’s running properly, but there are some routine maintenance procedures you need to perform to keep your air conditioning running so well. Here are the top 5 commercial AC repair tips:

  1. Keep drain pans clean. A commercial AC system has a lot heavier of a workload, it can produce condensation runoff which collects in drain pans. If you neglect to clean out these pans you run the risk of water damage to your building.
  2. Make sure your coils are clean. Clean coils don’t just look nice, they can improve your system’s overall function and even reduce your energy consumption. If you’re unsure of how to clean your coils, consider calling on a professional from our team at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service.
  3. Replace the air filters. Your commercial AC system may be larger than your home unit, but it’s got a lot of the same maintenance needs. Your home filter needs to be changed regularly and so does your commercial AC’s filter. Clean filters improve your building’s air quality and they can even reduce the unit’s energy consumption by as much as 15%.
  4. Check airflow. This is a maintenance step which anyone, mechanically minded or not, can perform. Simply check the ducts throughout your building to ensure that air is flowing through all of them evenly. If not, there may be issues within the duct work or your AC unit.
  5. Perform a visual check. It’s easy to catch onto visual cues that there may be something wrong in your AC unit or system. If you’re looking over the system or AC unit and notice that something looks amiss, call a professional from our team at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service.

Preventative maintenance is key in enjoying a functional commercial cooling system in Pompano Beach for years to come. We can send an expert technician to your business to assess and repair any issues in your system. We can also come to your business with pre-set maintenance schedules, giving you peace of mind that your business will stay cool and comfortable. The easiest way to get commercial AC  repair in Pompano Beach is to allow our team at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service to care for it. Call today to learn more about our maintenance packages.