It’s rare for the state of Florida to experience a cold snap, but there are stretches during this time of year when the temperature starts to dip and humidity goes down. That can make a backyard pool a little bit too cold for a swim unless you have a heater. A pool heater circulates and warms the water so when the temperature goes down, your pool water stays at a comfortable level. If you’re in the market for pool heater repair in Coral Springs, call Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service today and find out what they can do to keep your pool heater in great shape all year round.

A heat pump swimming pool heater can not only keep your water at a comfortable temperature, they are also far more energy efficient than in years past and can utilize alternate energy sources other than electricity to heat your water. As the sun warms the air, a heat pump device can absorb the air and transfer it into the pool’s water.  Swimming pool heaters are made for areas where the weather is well above freezing for the entire year. They are also generally more durable and reliable than gas pool heaters, which will save you money on pool heater repair in Coral Springs. This makes pool heaters one of the most cost efficient heating options on the market.

Swimming pool heaters do not suck up a lot of electricity and are quickly becoming a must-have item for pool owners who are looking to help the environment.

Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service in Coral Springs can help people get the most out of their swimming pool by offering some of the best pool heater repair in Coral Springs.  Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service can service any make or model pool heater and they are known for their reputation for quality and reliability. Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service can also provide and service heat pump devices for residential and commercial customers. Grab the phone and call today at 954-426-9300. Your comfort is at the top of our priority list.