Many people don’t always give a lot of thought to the air quality of their indoor setting, but the air can often be dirtier than the air outdoors. This can often lead to allergies and respiratory issues for those who spend time in the building. There are a few important ways to improve your indoor air quality and breathe easier.


1. Install a New HVAC Filter

The HVAC filter that is installed in your heating and cooling system Boca Raton can start to become dirty and clogged after two to three months. Many people forget to replace the filter, which can cause the dirt and grime to recirculate back into the air as the HVAC system is in use. Replace the filter consistently to prevent the grime from being released into the home.


A dirty filter can lead to AC Repair in South Florida because the parts have to work harder to operate. Installing a new filter is one of the best ways to maintain your HVAC system and reduce the risk of AC Repair in South Florida.


2. Use Indoor Plants

Not only will adding indoor plants to your interior setting add a touch of greenery, but it will also freshen up the air and release more oxygen. Opt for using lilies and ferns, which thrive in indoor settings and naturally draw out contaminants from the air.


3. Control the Humidity

Use a dehumidifier in your home to remove excess moisture that is present. Humid environments are a breeding ground for mildew and mold, making it necessary to place multiple dehumidifiers in areas that have higher moisture levels in the building. This will also improve the comfort level in your home and allow the air to smell fresh and clean.


4. Clean Your Air Ducts

Hire a professional company like Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service to perform duct cleaning Pompano Beach in your home to get to the root of the issues if your air is dirty. The ducts accumulate a significant amount of dirt and grime over time when the heating and cooling system Boca Raton is operating, making it necessary to remove the dust to prevent it from circulating in the air as your HVAC system is in use. Duct cleaning Pompano Beach should be performed every three to five years, depending on how often you use your HVAC system throughout the year.


5. Use Your Cooking Vents

When you spend time in your kitchen, it’s important to get into the habit of using your cooking vents to ensure smoke is removed from the air and released outdoors through vents. This will also remove excess moisture that is released into the air.


Once you discover new ways of improving your indoor air quality, it can be easier to have peace of mind and protect your health. You can learn more from our experts and also schedule an appointment to have us install a new filter or perform repairs on your HVAC system.