When we all come home the last thing we want to worry about is something that is out of our control like our air conditioner. You also don’t want to call an A/C repair company if there is no problem with your A/C. Here are 4 signs you need air conditioning repair in Pompano Beach from the A/C experts at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service!

#1 No cool air is coming from your A/C

If you have yet to call a repair service then you probably bought a fan and are just too busy to deal with your A/C problems but you definitely need A/C repair if no cool air is coming out. Or maybe it isn’t as cool as it once was, but either way, you should give our team of professionals a call to replace your system’s compressor because more than likely it has failed.

#2 You hear strange sounds

Are you hearing strange sounds like squealing and grinding sounds? It probably isn’t a ghost, it’s your air conditioner. If you are hearing noises from your A/C then something inside the motor is broken or something has slipped out of place. This is a sign you may need more than a repair and need a replacement, but we can send our professionals to check your A/C out just to be sure!

#3 Your thermostat is not accurate anymore

There probably was a time your thermostat was always on point and when it read 68 degrees it actually felt like it was 68 degrees in your home but now it doesn’t. If part of your house is very cold but the other side is hot then maybe your air conditioner isn’t at fault this time but your thermostat is.

#4 Your A/C is leaking

More than once you have noticed that where your A/C system is there is a small puddle of water, this is a sign that it needs immediate repair. In the most serious situation, the leak could be refrigerant which can cause serious health problems and need immediate repair. Not only that but mold can grow if there is moisture in your A/C.

You can put your trust on the best

When you call our professional team at Florida’s Heat Pump & A/C Service you won’t have to stress out anymore. The last thing you want to happen is ignore these signs and have your entire A/C unit break down. Contact our team to get the job done right and to put your mind at ease today!