In South Florida, the temperatures are normally extreme. If you want to maintain a quality and respectable business, it is very important to make sure your air conditioning is reliable. Florida Heat Pump & A/C Service can ensure your commercial AC is running without any problems. If you want to replace your outdated commercial AC in Coconut Creek or you simply need to fix your AC units we can help! When fixing your commercial AC in Coconut Creek there are a few problems that we can easily repair.

  • A break in your HVAC system could potentially be the reason your business is lacking the efficient air to keep the business running. Because commercial AC is on a larger scale compared to those in a home, the problems are larger. An easy fix of an HVAC could include a refrigerant leak. With so much heat, your commercial AC units are trying very hard to keep cool, creating an excess of refrigerant leaks. Don’t get caught in the heat. Check on your commercial AC units in Coconut Creek on a regular basis. If you notice anything out of the regular, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (954)426-9300.
  • Depending on what type of commercial AC unit you are using, you may experience different maintenance problems. If your business relies on cooling towers in their HVAC and your air conditioning unit could have mineral build up that needs to be cleared out. Other materials such as calcium and magnesium are also contributors that add to this malfunction. Luckily, here at Florida Heat Pump & A/C Service we are able to fix your commercial AC in Coconut Creek. We repair the cooling towers by removing the built up minerals and replacing cooling elements and coils that are required.
  • Paying attention to your thermostat can ensure that your AC is running correctly. If there is a problem with your thermostat, your AC can be thrown off completely.  Repairing your commercial AC in Coconut Creek is our goal regardless of the problem. If you keep a monitor on your AC thermostat, we can assess and adjust the thermostat in your business to ensure your desired temperature is displayed correctly. This will not only save you money but to keep a consistent temperature in your business.

Keep a steady flow of AC in your business. Your employee’s and client’s comfortability is very important to how they are pleased with their experience. If you are consistently checking on your AC unit, this will help stop any problems with your commercial AC in Coconut Creek before it even starts. At Florida Heat Pump & A/C Service you will receive helpful service that will relieve your AC problems. Give us a call for any additional questions or concerns, (954) 426-9300.